Carpet & Flooring Inspections & Corrections

Does your carpet have….
Wrinkles/Buckles? Excessive Shedding? Crushing/Matting? Excessive Staining? Unraveled Seams?
These and other deficiencies can be the cause of Installer neglect. Not only can Lance detect and diagnose your carpet & flooring problems, but he can also make crucial repairs. Corrections done by a trained specialist, like Lance, can often fix your problematic carpet & flooring and help increase your investments longevity.

Lance will issue a complete flooring report of your inspection, which can be used as leverage to file claims for repairs and possible replacements of your carpet & flooring.

Lance’s Inspection Services can also be used pro-actively to detect faulty preparations and installations. Having Lance oversee your carpet & flooring installation will help ensure it was done right the first time and help eliminate any future problems.

F.C.I.T.S. Flooring Inspector:
– Carpet Inspector
– Hard Surface Inspector

Expert Corrections & Repair Services:
– Color repair
– Cleaning
– Moisture Testing
– Re-burling
– Crush mark removal
– Restorations
– Steaming
– Pile lifting
– Shearing
– Re-weaving
– Bonded inserts